Production Update: Sound in Post

Matthew Cerantola in the studio watching playback on "The Talent Scout"

Matthew Cerantola in the studio watching playback on “The Talent Scout”

With a final cut in place, The Talent Scout has moved into the next crucial stage of post-production; sound. Matthew Cerantola will be editing sound and mixing in Montreal with Steve Ejbick (our location sound recordist) handling foley in Toronto.

For us, sound is the most important and exciting stage of any production. This is when the film begins to take its final shape. Dialogue, sound effects, and music are finally married on screen to create the soundtrack to the film. A poorly recorded and/or mixed film is difficult, if not impossible, to enjoy but a truly well mixed production is a real experience.

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Meet Bill

Bill salesman promo

Our first promo poster features Bill Shakespeare (portrayed by Noah Taylor), a critical supporting character in the film. Bill sells encyclopedias and is a strong believer that personality and style gets you the sale. His greatest asset as a salesman are his sideburns, which he strongly believes brands him as an unconventional rebel who knows what he’s talking about.

Though a short film gives little time to develop and explore a character to the same extent as a feature, we were diligent in writing a supporting part that was challenging for the actor, entertaining for the audience, and instantly relatable. To that end, the part was re-written extensively to meet the above criteria. Noah’s natural instincts as an actor breathed life into the part, making the character both comic and sympathetic.



A Sunday afternoon editing session: Noah Taylor (pictured, lower left)  seen here next to co-director, Martin Baena, cut an action scene together for the film, while Stephanie checks out a recipe for delicious cookies on a second monitor – for what is a Sunday afternoon without baked goodies?

Noah along with Martin and co-director, Anita Abbasi, wear many hats on the production. In addition to his work in post production, Noah also has a supporting role in the film as nosey salesman, Bill Shakespeare.

So, we now have a first cut for The Talent Scout, and composer Rick Coluccio has begun composing an original score for the film. After a few more adjustments to the film, we will lock picture and continue with sound editing, colour correction, and eventually, a sound mix. At which point, the film will be complete and fit for public consumption.

Hear our pitch!

Don’t know what the film’s about? No problem, here’s a video of Martin and Anita pitching the film.

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This Is Not a Con: Travelling Poet with Soul


Ms. French, busking in Kensington Market. August, 2014

The Peeps:

Whitney French is a poet, educator and literacy advocate in Toronto, and her work is a featured perk this last week of our IndieGoGo campaign!

A nomad of sorts, Whitney and her poetry encapsulate the art behind the travelling salesman motif. She crisscrosses the city, reaching out to curious bystanders, eager to understand and be part of her story. Her mission is to weave a poem on the spot – blood, sweat, tears & laughs – incorporating three words chosen by the customer. To add to the performance, she types it out on an old typewriter she has lugged around since her youth.

Her passion, gusto and spunk are the selling points once she performs the spontaneous poem to her patrons. They are then bewitched and wowed by the unique experience. No ruse.

The Perks:

“Poem by Whitney French” based off 3 words of your choice ($25)

“Poem by Whitney French” based off 3 words of your choice + Video performance ($40)

These perks both include: special mention on website + pin + postcard + digital copy of film.

Artist Website:

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