Anita & Martin Interview!

Anita Abbasi and I  were recently interviewed for the podcast “House Lights” on our most recent collaboration, the short film “Mariah ¡qué baile!” We talked making movies as scrappy independents, the cinema of  John Cassavetes, and when it’s appropriate to go barefoot on set – the latter being intimately relevant to “The Talent Scout.” In fact, we talk quite a bit about “The Talent Scout,” our experience making it and how it informed our choices for this new project, which incidentally, it complete and being sent out to festivals around the world! For more on that and other information on the project visit the film’s facebook page:  Mariah ¡qué baile!”

The film centres on a Latin teen who feels she’s being ostracized by her friends while pursuing a demanding training schedule for a dance audition. It deals with some of our own experiences growing up as immigrants and children of immigrants in Canada as we all as some of the difficulties in trying to “make it” as an artist.

We had a lot of fun making the project and it is a great follow up to “The Talent Scout.” We were fortunate to receive funding from the Ontario Arts Council to produce the film.

You can hear the full interview here!


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