A real-life Talent Scout

Oliver CU [crop]

Actor Vincent Marciano as Oliver, the talent scout.

It would appear that life sometimes imitates art and vice-versa – or perhaps it is a more complex, fluid dynamic – as evidenced by news published in The Star in 2014.  According to the story, a man claiming to be a talent scout in Mississauga was charged with defrauding several young men and women with dreams of stardom.

“The purported talent scout conducted auditions and accepted upfront fees for promised roles in commercials, television shows and movies that never materialized.”

The suspect, who has quite the track record going back at least ten years, assumed various identities to pull off his schemes and has been convicted in the past of operating similar confidence scams.

Had we learned of this earlier, say back in the spring of 2014 when we begun pre-production on our film, we might have opted to shoot a documentary instead. Either way, it seems we were not too far off the mark with our story.


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