Project Update: Mixing Days


Matthew Cerantola mixes a scene from “The Talent Scout” at the studio in Montreal. QC.

Last week we had the privilege to mix our film in Montreal, QC with sound editor and mixer extraordinare, Matthew Cerantola. The session went as well as one could expect. Music, sound effects, and dialogue editing in place, we spent hours, bathed in projector light, fine-tuning the film in 5.1 to ensure as high fidelity a mix as possible when it screens for the movie-going public.

For us, the mix is perhaps, the best part of filmmaking and what a joy and relief to see all those long belaboured hours have yielded a film, an actual, honest-to-goodness film, and one of which we are so proud. There is something so satisfying to see, in a scene, for example, a character put down a cup on a table and hear the corresponding sound. To have the foley exactly sync with the action, the levels – perfectly set – giving the illusion that the cup in question exists. The cup has mass. It is real. A detail, to be sure, which is taken for granted by the casual viewer – or even the more attentive amongst us – but a detail that is essential. 

To remove it, this minor detail – or any other for that matter – would mean the cup no longer has any weight. It is no longer real and the subtraction is felt, if only unconsciously, by the viewer.  For this reason, sound, in a motion picture breathes life into the story, its characters, and their adventures! It is only during a mix session that one sees the film for the first time, truly, as it is – and for this reason, it is always a great relief, when the film assumes the form one desired of it and worked so hard to achieve. (For this effect,we are also indebted to the efforts of sound recordist Steven Ejbick who did the foley work that made the sound of the cup, in question, and many, many more possible. Thanks Steve!)

We want to thank Matthew for his continued efforts and for hosting us at the studio on a beautiful Saturday afternoon! 



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